I create bespoke marketing packages to suit each company’s needs. The package options below will give you a basic outline of how I can help your company but I always prefer to look at the broader strategy of hitting long term KPI’s, building awareness, engagement and sales. Please contact me so we can discuss the best way we can work together to create fantastic value for your brand.

Social Media Content Management

Details: A monthly 1 hour call to discuss key upcoming events for your business that needs to be communicated to your customers via social media. From our call I will create a custom 30 day content calendar (max 1 post per day) with images, captions and hashtags tailored to each platform to ensure all of your key messages are communicated clearly and consistently on the major social media channels. During our call I will work with you to identify your brand tone of voice and key messages to ensure all posts communicate the business personality. A monthly report shall be generated to show achievements in engagement and followers every 4 weeks.

Brand Development

What: Developing a strong brand identity allows all of your other marketing plans to run more smoothly because it is easier to create a consistent look, tone of voice and message when you have conciously decided what those things are. A consistent look, tone and message allows your customer to easily identify your brand from all of the other noise.

This package features a half day working together to cover the following areas:

  • identifying your brand mission, values and vision
  • understanding your product and who your customer is
  • cover where the brand is going – are you in a start-up, grow or developement phase?

Once I have a strong understanding of your business I will focus on creating an indepth report that will analyse who your customer buyer profiles are, what makes them tick and how to engage with them. I will then present you with a tailored document of recommendations that includes what mediums and platforms to use to reach your different buyer profiles, what their conversion journey looks like and what to do to engage with the different personalisaties.

This package is a collaborative process so we will have a second 1-2 hour call to go through the report together and to explore what the research means for your marketing plans over the next 12 months. Once everyone is happy I will present the finished document to you for use as a charter that can be referred to for each new marketing campaign. If you become a retainer client this charter document will be used as a brand bible over future campaigns together.

Included in the final Brand Book document will be included:

  1. Brand story, concept and values
  2. Logo and mark design
  3. Fonts
  4. Brand colours (RGB and CMYK)

Newsletter Marketing

Details: Email marketing is king in 2021. Everyone knows it and there is a lot of talk about how email conversions are the way to easily grow revenue, but actually creating an enticing newsletter that is relevant, with a catchy subject line that makes people want to read right through to the end is harder than it looks. If you’ve not done much/any email marketing before I will help set up your website to gather new sign ups and advise on best methods of popups and website plugins to build your mailing list.

With this package there is a dedicated 1 hour call to go over the key messages relevant to your business that month and I will then create 1 email per week that can be tailored to different segments of your mailing list. If you’ve never segmented your mailing list before, I can help you with that too! Email content and strategy shall be tailored to your industry (for instance, did you know that the best time to email your clients if you’re in the Marine industry is a Tuesday or Thursday around 10am?) and a monthly analytics report shall be provided every 4 weeks

Press Relations

Details: I have a strong network of journalists and publications in mainstream publications and marine industry titles and can design a comprehensive press strategy for your business. In the past 18 months I have worked with, had editorial coverage in, or secured interview opportunties in, the following publiations: The Daily Express, The Daily Echo, Yachting World, Yachting Monthly, Boating Business, Marine Industry News, Practical Boat Owner Magazine, Sail World, The RNLI magazine (3 articles) and more. Podcasts: SheCanSheDid, Dubai Offshore Sailing Club. Video: Sailing Uma’s TeamO Tour, Erik Aanderaa‘s YouTube Channel, SailingRubyRose and others.

The PR package is very hands-on and includes 4 hours of call time per month with a three month minimum booking time. We start by researching key publications that are a good fit for your business and identifying pitch opportunities in the year ahead. This could include product launches, events, new hires to be shared with trade publications or product placement in seasonal issues. We will explore different types of press coverage and the suitability for your business – for instance, do you have someone who is happy talking to camera and wants to engage face to face with influencers? Would editorial pieces be a better fit or more technical long-read articles?

Once we have identified this I will build a press schedule that sets pitch dates to publication schedules. I will write a press release for your product/event which will be sent to you for sign off before being pitched to the publication identified. A follow up report for each will be sent at the end of the month together with a hard copy of printed press generated.

Other services:

  • Multichannel social media strategy
  • Partnership marketing
  • Website developement for ecommerce sites – in collaboration with a trusted web developer I have worked with for 7 years on multiple WordPress and Shopify websites. If you want to migrate your ecommerce site to a platform that you can manage yourself we can help to create your new shop, populate it with SEO-optimised product pages, repoint your domain name to the new site, securely and seamlessly redirect and close the previous site without user disruption. We can provide on-going support after hand over to ensure the site is maintained and functions well.
  • SEO – Google Analytics set up and reporting, Search Term research, Local SEO, On-Site Optimization and report generation of site functions.
  • Consumer facing events and activation – event planning, including regatta organisation, product launches, collection previews for press and VIPs etc.
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